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Online Planet delivered CallSense software for Windows, the first personal finance software that enables you to see true cost comparisons of AT&T vs. Verizon (MCI) vs. Sprint vs. the most popular dial around numbers based on how you actually use your phone.  You just enter your calls, or a specific call, and CallSense does the rest for you.  Today, we are not aware of any other solution on the web that is even close to what CallSense enables consumers to do; in fact, if you know of one, please let us know.

Why CallSense

For AT&T, Verizon, or Sprint residential long distance customers who want to spend less money on their long distance phone bills, CallSense software is personal finance software that simplifies and automates the process of accurately comparing the true costs of using one calling plan versus alternatives. Other comparison solutions can lead consumers into spending up to 400% more because those solutions will say that two calling plans are nearly equivalent, when in fact they are not even close. CallSense software saves consumers time and money by automating the process of accurately calculating true cost comparisons based exactly on how the consumer actually uses their phone. With CallSense, the consumer simply enters their calls, and CallSense accurately calculates the true cost comparisons.

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Several Quick Notes on CallSense

  • CallSense software accurately calculates and compares costs that vary by each phone company to the penny: Universal Service Fund Charges, PICC charges, call charges, call surcharges, minimum call charges, minimum billing period charges, monthly recurring charges, etc.

  • To calculate true costs, CallSense accurately simulates the billing and account management systems used by the major phone companies on your desktop computer.

  • With CallSense software you can

    • know the least expensive calling plan for you

    • enter all of the long distance calls from your most recent phone bill, and see true costs calling plan comparison for all of your long distance calls

    • see how calling plans compare for an in-progress call while you are on the phone

    • know the least expensive way to make each call: should you use your calling plan, a dial around number, or a prepaid phone card?

    • know how much a call is going to cost before you call

  • CallSense software includes

    • most of the current major domestic calling plans

    • the most popular dial around numbers

    • the most popular prepaid cards

    • rate information for long distance services

  • CallSense software adds a selection of fee-based international calling plans for each phone company.  Each international calling plan option is paired with the domestic calling plans that the customer would most likely order it with.

  • CallSense software includes calling plan information for calling-from U.S. residential households: state-to-state long distance, in-state long distance (beyond local toll), and international.

  • CallSense software does not use short-term (teaser) international promotional rates, and so when you use CallSense if you see the international rate computations differ from what you calculate when using the international rates that Sprint, Verizon (MCI), or AT&T give you, our rate calculations are what the call will cost when the promotional rate expires, which could be tomorrow, or when otherwise not available to the consumer.

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