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With CallSense
software, when you compare long distance calling plans you do not have to think about percentages, rates, promotions, surcharges, deceptive advertising, pricing games, etc.; but rather, you simply enter your calls, and CallSense does the rest for you.  CallSense levels the playing field for you.

CallSense software's state-of-the-art long-distance comparison software maximizes your potential phone bill savings by taking the time necessary to accurately calculate true cost comparisons.  Other long distance comparison solutions can mislead you into spending up to 400% more each year because of their rushed, estimated, or incomplete comparisons.

CallSense software is the first and only software in the world that gives you the power to easily know accurate true cost comparisons of residential long distance calling services.  CallSense includes most of the current long distance calling plans offered by AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint; six of the most popular dial around numbers; and several prepaid phone cards. 

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CallSense software is the easy, accurate, complete way to compare, select, and use the best least-expensive long distance calling plan for you.

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