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Customer Service

Order Status

Please send your customer order number, name, and address to tellus@callsense.com.  We will reply within 1 business day.

Order a Replacement CD-ROM

To order a replacement CD-ROM, please send an e-mail message to tellus@callsense.com.  Include in the message the following information: why you need a replacement CD-ROM, your order number, your name, and your address.  Replacement CD-ROMs can only be sent to the address that the order was originally sent to.

Cancel Order

To cancel an order, please send your order number, your name, and your address to tellus@callsense.com.  Please include the word "cancel" in your e-mail message's subject line.

Contact Us

e-mail: tellus@callsense.com

ground mail:

Online Planet.
Attn: Customer Service
P.O. Box 77782
San Francisco, CA   94107

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